Anti-static PVC Floor SJ-9301)

Anti-static PVC Floor SJ-9301)

Product Description

product name :Anti-static PVC Floor SJ-9301)

This product has permanent anti-static function because it uses conductive static network formed at the interface of plastic particles. Tts appearance looks like the pattern of marble. So it has good decoration effect and is wide used for program machine room, computer room, control room of electric power clean and purification workshop of telecommunication, electific power, electronics, micro-electron and medicine etc, industries where it is necessary to prevent from static.

Name of item System resistor Full-life
Standard DIN51953 GJB2605-1996 5000V-50V
Index 104-106Ω(conductive)
106-108Ω(anti-static) <2sec

Name of item Rate of size change at heating Amount of wear
Standard GB4085-83 GB4085-83
Index <0. 25% <0. 02g/cm2

Name of item Combustion property Staring voltage
Standard GB4609-84FV-O SJ/T10664-1996
Index <10sec <100V

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